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When preparing the manuscript, authors must adhere to ethical standards. The basic principle is the mutual respect of authors, reviewers, editorial board and readers.


The responsible author (who keeps the correspondence) guarantees that the work has never been published anywhere and is not under consideration before publication in another edition. The list of authors is complete and exhaustive. All authors are familiar with the manuscript and any changes to it. The manuscript ideas, results of developments, and other creative work without citation are belong to those and only those authors who present in the list. The ideas of other authors are accompanied by a link to relevant publications (no plagiarism). In addition, publications do not contain state, commercial or any other secrets. All persons and organizations that support this work are listed in the Acknowledgment section. Failure to comply with these requirements is a gross violation of scientific ethics and current legislation. The editorial board and reviewers cannot be responsible for violating of these conditions. All civil, criminal, and any other liability is for the responsible author and/or other authors.

When forming the text of the manuscript, the standards of the scientific and technical style of the corresponding language should be used within the limits of the literary vocabulary. Avoid dialect and slang words (phrases), even if they are common for specialists of a particular organization or community. Since the Collection accepts articles from various fields of science and technology, all abbreviations, regardless of the prevalence, should be explained. The language must be clear and understandable. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs, as well as figurative statements and figurative meanings of words for non-speakers of the language with the skill level B. Avoid long derivations of formulas that impair the perception of the text. Only initial, finite equations, and individual intermediate equations of some value should be in the manuscript. Low quality, non-readable drawings, drawings with a deformed font, too large or too small scale is a disrespect to the reader.

The Collection is free access and can be downloaded in any country in the world. Therefore, gross criticism (not to be confused with the analysis and recommendations) of a state system, religious beliefs and politics of any country is not allowed.