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Scientific and technical collection is published


The collection is sponsored. Therefore, the publication is free of charge. The editorial board does not send any invoices. If you will receive such electronic letter, please do not use hyperlinks in it and do not download attached files!

The design of the manuscript must strictly comply requirements for manuscripts

The completed manuscript with its copy in PDF (or page images) should be sent to the e-mail: vothp@ukr.net.

The date and time of sending to this address will be treated as the official date and time of submission regardless of any further actions. The author may request acceleration of the review procedure in the letter with a description of the reasons of urgency. This request will be sent to reviewers, but does not oblige them to take an action.


The executive secretary of the editorial board performs a quick review of the content of the article. In case of serious errors, the manuscript is returned for refinement.

The manuscript without any metadata and data about the authors is sent to the reviewers. The reviewers may provide a review within a month. In the presence of remarks, the manuscript is returned to the authors for an answer and refinement. Answers and/or corrected manuscripts should be sent to the E-Mail address vothp@ukr.net within a week.

After agreeing with the reviewers, the manuscript is subject to a literary editing and is added to the layout of the next issue of the Collection. The layout is sent to authors for agreement. The authors are obliged to review their article and may agree urgently (within one to two business days) to the edited text of the manuscript or may reply comments. After approval, no claims regarding the manuscript will be accepted.

The physical and electronic publication of the Collection may be performed. Sending of the printed copy, one per article, is performed free of charge.