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Issue 02, 2001

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Malkin E., Chepurna N. Experimental study of air parameters in the system of local microclimate in seedling sections of greenhouses ,3-7 pdf
Zinych P., Trofimovych V. Analytical solving of the uniform distribution of ventilation air by air conduits of a constant cross-section with a variable height slot or opYenings of variable area ,8-16 pdf
Korbut V., Davydenko B. Peculiarities of numerical modelling of aerodynamics and temperature conditions of premises with heat gains 16-34 pdf
Zhukovskyi S., Zinych P., Chernous O., Kulyniak A. Research of air streams of local suctions 34-42 pdf
Dovgliuk V. Formation and development of convection flows near heat sources of industrial shops 43-56 pdf
Khudenko A., Kyrychenko M. Heat transfer of ceramic cylinder of small diameter with cross-flow of air 57-63 pdf
Malkin E., Tymoshchenko A. Study of the processes of motion and heat exchange of a liquid and saturated water vapour in circular microchannels 63-69 pdf
Baranovska S. Advantages of a contact chamber with a regular corrugated nozzle 69-74 pdf
Malkin E., Hlamazdin P. New trends in the efficiency of heating devices 74-80 pdf
Yenin P. Centralized local gas supply system for consumers using liquefied petroleum gas from geothermal installations 81-93 pdf
Mikhin S., Medvedev O. Cable system "warm floor". Heat flux distribution 93-97 pdf
Hrygorovskyi Ye., Khoptii V. Ways of increasing efficiency of energy resources utilization of steam-power equipment 98-101 pdf
Grigorovskii E. Microprocessors and fluid and gas flow control 101-104 pdf
Stepanov M., Aleksandruk Yu. Exergy evaluation of the efficiency of heat pumps in secondary energy resource utilization systems 105-112 pdf
Shvachko N., Pryimak A. Experimental study of vacuumed collector of solar energy for heliosystems of heat supply 112-121 pdf
Famous scientists. Lobaev Borys Mykytovych 122-125 pdf
Content 126-127 pdf
Output data 128 pdf
DEVI.Warm floor DEVI (Denmark) 129 pdf