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Issue 04, 2002

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Malkin E., Chepurna N. Investigation of air parameters in the system of decentralized microclimate of seedling branch of greenhouses ,3-7 pdf
Zinych P., Zhukovskyi S., Chernous O., Senchyshyn N. Effect of screen-inserts of a local suction on the zone of air flow ,8-11 pdf
Snezhkin Yu., Naumov S., Chalaev D., Pisariev V., Kuznetsova E. Study of air drying processes for regenerative indirect-evaporative air coolers 12-17 pdf
Zhukovskyi S., Zinych P., Chernous O. Investigation of kinematic and aerodynamic characteristics of suctions of various shapes 18-23 pdf
Zaitsev O. Modelling of the velocity field of parallel swirling flows in thermal power plants 24-27 pdf
Korenev S., Semchenko Yu., Belous A., Kachan V., Akinina A. Adequacy of the mathematical model of the process of dust collection in electric filters to real conditions 28-33 pdf
Khudenko A., Fareniuk Ye. Influence on the thermal conditions of a room of various constructive solutions of window systems 34-40 pdf
Khudenko A., Kyrychenko M. Fundamentals of the layout and hydrodynamic calculation of electric heaters 41-45 pdf
Gubar S., Lukianov A., Fleur M. Heat transfer in the combustion chambers of heat generators with a flame tube 46-48 pdf
Khoptii V. Operation of automatic control systems of power equipment parameters and methods of working out algorithms of their work 49-54 pdf
Levi L. Operational management of hierarchically organized engineering network systems with dynamic distribution of processor time 55-58 pdf
Levi L. Simulation of distribution networks of hierarchically organized engineering network systems 59-62 pdf
Khudenko A., Svichar O., Onyshchenko M. Effective energy saving measures in the systems of heat supply in Kyiv 63-67 pdf
Sakalla Imad Aldin Akram Automation of pumping stations in the conditions of the cities of the Syrian Arab Republic 68-71 pdf
Malkin E., Kushnirov O. A system of environment-friendly heat and cold supply of residential and public buildings using solar energy 72-78 pdf
Stepanov M., Shynkarenko M. Efficiency of using the heat of exhaust air and hot water 79-84 pdf
Shvachko N., Priimak O., Kolchyk Yu., Kushnirov O. The method of presenting solar radiation data for the calculation of solar heat supply systems 85-87 pdf
Nefedov L., Petrenko Yu., Nefedova A. Model of parametric synthesis of noise protection 88-94 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Anatolii Oleksandrovych Voznesenskyi 95-96 pdf
Annotations 97-99 pdf
Content 100-101 pdf
Output data 103 pdf
CJSC "Energomontazhventilyatsiya". The art of creating a comfortable and technological microclimate 104 pdf