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Issue 05, 2002

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Zinych P., Zhukovskyi S., Chernous O. Aerodynamic studies of the influence of low house on high one ,3-6 pdf
Dovgliuk V., Lytvynenko L., Kukovalska N., Kozhan E. Organization of air exchange in religious buildings, historical and architectural monuments ,7-12 pdf
Pisariev V. The effect of pressure change on air temperature in the hypobaric storage of agricultural products 13-21 pdf
Mileikovskyi V. Rules of air entrainment to a jets 22-25 pdf
Dovgliuk V., Mileikovskyi V. Estimated model of a jet that is laid on a curvilinear surface 26-46 pdf
Chernykh L. Choice of the thickness of the electric flooring of the room with the electrical cable heating system of heat accumulation operation (EKSO-TA) 52-58 pdf
Kononenko G. Forecast of the dynamics of the heads during the operation of the simplest circulation system 59-65 pdf
Khudenko A., Svichar O., Onishchenko M. Perspectives of the use of Ukrainian nuclear power plants in centralized heat supply systems 66-73 pdf
Volosianko V. Disadvantages of instrumental metering of natural gas consumption and ways of their elimination 74-84 pdf
Hrygorovskyi Ye., Biliavskyi Yu. Determination of the control system of the electric drive of the turbo-machine in the pipeline networks of the municipal and land reclamation economies 85-91 pdf
Hrygorovskyi Ye., Biliavskyi Yu. Method of calculations for solving the problems of synthesis on a computer in the management of electric drives of working machines in construction and municipal services 92-96 pdf
Sakall Imad Aldin Akram. Modelling of the executive mechanisms of regulatory bodies in pipeline networks in the context of an automated process control system 97-102 pdf
Kylymnyk O., Koloniuk N., Herasymova O. Influence of the burning regime on the basic physical and mechanical properties of acid-resistant ceramic tile using ferro-nickel slag 103-107 pdf
Stepanov M., Hoiko A. Cost-effective resistance of heat transfer of external decorative structures of buildings 108-112 pdf
Dziubenko V., Stepanov M. Heat exchangers from polymeric materials for systems of utilization of heat of secondary energy resources 113-115 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Shchekin Rostyslav Volodymyrovych 116-118 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Bem Heorgii Evhenovych 119-122 pdf
Annotations 123-125 pdf
Content 126-127 pdf
Public corporation "KSTZ". Price list for the products of Open Society "KSTZ" 128 pdf