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Issue 06, 2003

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Information 3-4 pdf
Vozniak O., Kovalchuk A. Air distribution with non-coaxial round jets ,5-10 pdf
Zinych P., Zhukovskyi S., Chernous O. Analysis of aerodynamic characteristics of local suction 11-13 pdf
Zinych P., Zhukovskyi S., Chernous O. Technical and economic aspects of the use of conical local suction in the production 14-19 pdf
Pisariev V., Dovgliuk V. Control of air parameters using regenerative indirect evaporative air coolers 20-29 pdf
Piotrovski E. Method of experimental study of natural air exchange in a room 30-33 pdf
Khudenko A. Thermal modelling for living organisms 34-38 pdf
Korbut V., Ishchenko M. Features of the joint operation of boiler units and gas turbine installations with tower-type cooling towers 39-46 pdf
Chernykh L. Results of the research of the thermal conditions in rooms with electric cable heating systems of heat-accumulation operation at the lowest temperature in Ukraine 47-53 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu., Tkachenko V. Reconstruction of heating systems of winter green houses of hangar type 54-58 pdf
Pryimak O. Experimental research of thermal and hydrodynamic characteristics of mixing-type heat exchangers (TMZD) 59-64 pdf
Vozniuk I. Algorithmization and programming of optimal synthesis of multi-circuit heat supply systems 65-69 pdf
Zaitsev O. Method of controlling the operation of low-capacity heat-generating installations 70-73 pdf
Kononenko G. Investigation of convective heat and mass transfer in the flow of water in a cracked environment 74-79 pdf
Stepanov M., Roskovshenko Yu., Dziubenko V. Experimental study of a polyethylene water heater 80-87 pdf
Kushnirov O., Chernykh L. Features of the heating system of "warm floor" type 88-92 pdf
Biliavskyi Yu. To the theoretical positions of automatic regulation of water supply facilities 93-97 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Leonid Fedorovych Hlushchenko 98-99 pdf
Annotations 100-102 pdf
Content 103-104 pdf