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Issue 08, 2005

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Vozniak O. Features of the return flow at air inlet by flat wall jets ,3-11 pdf
Zaitsev O. The effect of precession and nutation of the vortex core on the stability of a swirling gas flow ,12-15 pdf
Zaitsev O. Investigations of dynamic characteristics in the interaction of counter-displaced swirling gas jets 16-19 pdf
Ishchenko M. Method of calculating the tower-type pipe cooling towers and results of field tests of modernized cooling towers in production 20-28 pdf
Semenov S, Omelchenko M. The choice of method and hardware of gas cleaning in plants for the production of asphalt-concrete 29-32 pdf
Mileikovskyi V. Investigation of pressure losses in air distributors with tangential air releases 33-39 pdf
Malkin E, Furat I., Chepurna N. Analytical studies of the fields of velocities and air temperatures in greenhouses with decentralized microclimate 40-51 pdf
Ratushniak G., Dzhedzhula V. Intensification of production and preparation of biogas for use in thermotechnical equipment 52-59 pdf
Borisenko S. Innovative technologies in heat supply systems 60-64 pdf
Kononenko G. Investigation of hydrodynamic and thermal processes during water filtration in a crack of hydraulic fracture 65-68 pdf
Kononenko G. Estimation Methods for values ​​of coefficients of interphase heat transfer and mass transfer 69-75 pdf
Stepanov M., Rud S. Heat exchange in a convex polyethylene channel of a non-circular cross-section 76-80 pdf
Stepanov M., Koval V. Recuperative heat exchangers with a polyethylene heat transfer surface 81-84 pdf
Kylymnyk O. Forecasting of the firing conditions of industrial samples of acid-resistant ceramics with the use of ferronickel slags 85-88 pdf
Ratushniak G., Chukhriaeva O. Multi-factor analysis of heat-insulating materials for thermal renovation of buildings on the basis of linguistic information 89-95 pdf
Luzhanskaia A. Energy saving in systems of heat protection of air-heat curtains 96-98 pdf
Isaenko Yu. A method for estimating reserves of labour productivity growth in construction 99-108 pdf
Pryimak O. Experimental research of thermal and hydrodynamic characteristics of mixing type heat exchangers (TMZD) 109-112 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Grachov Oleksandr Vasylevych 113-114 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Shevtsov Dmitro Semenovych 115-116 pdf
Annotations 117-120 pdf
Content 121-122 pdf
Output data 123 pdf