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Issue 09, 2006

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Contents of the issue
Article name Pages   File
Title 1-2 pdf
Institute of Postgraduate Education KNUBA 3-4 pdf
Khudenko A. Thermodynamic analysis of the problem of energy saving during the heat supply 5-10 pdf
Malkin E., Tymoshchenko A. Experimental study of heat exchange in vertical circular microchannels with one-sided heating and forced fluid flow 11-23 pdf
Yenin P. Heat transfer from the ground to the liquid phase of LPG when it is heated during storage in geothermal re-gasifiers (internal task) 24-35 pdf
Yenin P., Rybachev S. Temperature regime of the surface layers of the Earth's crust at the depths of the placement of geothermal re-gasifiers of LPG 36-49 pdf
Yenin P. Heat transfer during bubble boiling of the liquid phase of LPG in a geothermal re-gasifier under gas extraction mode 50-60 pdf
Yenin P. Heat transfer in dry, wet and frozen soil in the area of ​​placement of geothermal re-gasifiers of LPG (external task) 61-69 pdf
Yenin P. Mathematical description of the thermal interaction of geothermal re-gasifiers with dry, wet and frozen soil and the choice of method for solving the problem 70-79 pdf
Yenin P. The essence of mathematical simulation and planning of computational experiments to study the temperature conditions of geothermal re-gasifiers 80-84 pdf
Kushnirov O., Chernykh L. Heat conditions of the premises using an electric cable system of underfloor heating 85-94 pdf
Stroyi A., Chumurina O. Air permeability as a factor of changing the humidity conditions of the envelopment of a building during its operation 95-106 pdf
Beshinska O., Ratushniak O. Estimation of the quality of thermal insulation characteristics of the enclosing structures of existing buildings 107-111 pdf
Pisariev V., Stepanov M. Application of co-generation technologies in centralized heat supply 112-117 pdf
Chertkov O. Organizational-logistic model as a scientific-theoretical basis of preparation of building production 118-122 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Peklov Oleksandr Antonovych 123-124 pdf
Annotations 125-126 pdf
Content 127 pdf
Output data 128 pdf