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Issue 10, 2006

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Contents of the issue
Article name Pages   File
Title 1-2 pdf
Khudenko A. Radiation cooling of premises 3-8 pdf
Yenin P. Results of the study of non-stationary temperature fields in the liquid phase of LHG under the thermal interaction of geothermal re-gasifiers with dry soil 9-18 pdf
Yenin P. Results of study of non-stationary temperature fields in dry soil around geothermal re-gasifiers 19-30 pdf
Yenin P. Investigation of the thermal interaction of geothermal re-gasifiers of LPG with wet soil at phase transitions of moisture contained therein 31-44 pdf
Yenin P., Rybachev S. Field experiments on the pilot-industrial geothermal plant and comparison of their results with the data of mathematical simulation 45-56 pdf
Yenin P., Rybachev S. Method of thermal calculation of geothermal re-gasification of liquefied hydrocarbon gas 57-69 pdf
Yenin P., Rybachev S. Justification of the feasibility of the installation of geothermal equipment for the re-gasification of liquefied hydrocarbon gases 70-79 pdf
Labai V. The dependence of the exergy efficiency of split air-conditioners on their air flow rate in the evaporator and the condenser 80-88 pdf
Zaitsev O., Donchenko S., Liubarets A. Experimental studies of the velocity field in the interaction of twisted jets 89-94 pdf
Kylymnyk O. Investigation of phase transformations during firing of systems "fire-resistant clay - slag of ferronickel" 95-99 pdf
Kononenko G. Mathematical models of heat and mass transfer at two-dimensional liquid filtration 100-104 pdf
Kononenko G. Numerical method for investigating the non-isothermal flow of underground water during convective heat exchange 105-111 pdf
Glamazdin P., Malyshevskyi T. Influence of heat supply mode of wallpaper printing presses on energy efficiency of wallpaper production 112-120 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers. Korenevskyi Sergii Mikhailovich 121-122 pdf
Annotations 123-124 pdf
Content 125 pdf
Output data 126 pdf