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Issue 12, 2008

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Malkin E., Lutsyk R., Danylevych N., Pryimak O., Furtat I. About the influence of magnetic fields on the specific heat of evaporation of water 3-9 pdf
Malkin E., Tymoshchenko A. Experimental study of the hydrodynamics of a superheated flow of fluid in hydraulically smooth slot microchannels 10-20 pdf
Labay V. Dependence of pressure of evaporation and condensation of split air-conditioners on air flows in the evaporator and condenser 21-26 pdf
Anpilogov P., Mikhailenko V., Anpilogov A., Kosharna Yu. Application of complex functional-dynamic schemes for construction of the model of sewer network of the city 27-36 pdf
Vidiborets N. Panels tubular radiators for radiant heating and cooling systems 37-42 pdf
Volosianko V., Predun K., Shyshko G. Problems of metrological maintenance of natural gas metering 43-54 pdf
Skliarenko O., Senchuk M., Vyhsehorodska O. Atmospheric burners in small gas boilers 55-59 pdf
Skliarenko O., Romanov O., Vyhsehorodska O. Research of modern atmospheric gas burners of various modifications in an autonomous boiler 60-66 pdf
Stepanov M., Didyk L., Beregova P. Research of heat exchange between air and elastic surface 67-71 pdf
Kucherenko E. Analysis of the influence of operating conditions of contact water heaters on the state of the elements of the water heater 72-77 pdf
Roskvshenko Yu., Tkachenko V., Stepanov M.V., Klimova I. Directions of energy saving in industrial greenhouses 78-82 pdf
Chepurna N., Chepurnyi V. Conservation of energy resources and increase of competitiveness of greenhouse farms 83-88 pdf
Shvachko N., Chorna N. Solar collectors-concentrators for solar heating systems 89-95 pdf
Korbut V, Ishchenko M. Full tests of modernized cooling towers 96-100 pdf
Kononenko G. Thermo-Hydrodynamics of one circulation system 101-109 pdf
Chorna N. Solar collector-concentrator on the basis of "zonal" compound cylindrical concentrator 110-116 pdf
Tuhai O. Theoretical bases for assessing the reliability of construction projects using fuzzy measures and fuzzy criteria 117-122 pdf
Dudnikov A., Koval Yu., Kucherenko E., Tkachenko I. Investigation of the characteristics of heat and mass transfer in the combustion chambers of contact water heaters with "wet" walls 123-128 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers 129-133 pdf
Annotations 134-136 pdf
Content 137-138 pdf
Output data 139 pdf