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Issue 12, 2008

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Vozniak O., Mironiuk H., Sukholova I. An air distributor with the interaction of opposite non-coaxial flat jets in the premises of a jewellery factory 3-10 pdf
Dovhaliuk V., Mileikovskyi V. Estimated model of non-isothermal wall jet on a convex cylindrical surface 11-32 pdf
Labai V. Influence of difference of temperatures of overheating in evaporator and supercooling in condenser on exergy efficiency of split-conditioners 33-38 pdf
Malkin E., Furat I., Pryimak O., Tverdokhlib O. Equipment for water treatment in electric and magnetic fields. Methods of calculation 39-45 pdf
Malkin E., Vyshehorodska O., Skliarenko O., Vyshehorodska Ya. Experimental investigations of the heat transfer of a horizontal cylindrical heater in a convector with thermogravitational convection 46-52 pdf
Ratushniak G., Anokhina K. Modelling of heat exchange processes in biogas equipment 53-58 pdf
Mamedov N. Mathematical model of stochastic prediction of thermal energy consumption for buildings 59-66 pdf
Moroz P., Stepanov M. Investigation of operating conditions of energy efficient heat supply system of a house 67-74 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu, Stepanov M., Dudnikov A., Shtilenko V. Measurement and automatic control of heat flow in water heating systems of premises 75-79 pdf
Redko A., Kharlampidi D. Method of calculation of characteristics of geothermal heat pump equipment 80-91 pdf
Pisariev V., Stepanov M. Scheme of joint operation of an absorption chiller with a co-generation unit 92-97 pdf
Vozniak O. T., Datsko O. S., Shapoval S. Efficiency of work of year-round solar systems at discrete orientation of solar collectors 98-105 pdf
Konstantynivskyi B., Guzii S. Pipe filters on the basis of new astringents and gravel-sand mixes 106-113 pdf
Bondarchuk O., Teslia N. Configuration optimization of development design of projects-oriented organizations 114-119 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers 120-122 pdf
Annotations 123-126 pdf
Content 127 pdf
Output data 128 pdf