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Issue 13, 2009

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Contents of the issue
Article name Pages   File
Title 1-2 pdf
Mileikovskyi V. Determination of distribution of temperature and concentration in a jet boundary layer with use of the geometrical approach 3-8 pdf
Malkin E., Fyrtat I., Diachkov M. Experimental studies of multichannel heat exchangers for cooling high-power microprocessors 9-12 pdf
Оleksiuk A.,. Chelapko S. The method of calculation of three-contour heatexchangers for independent sources of heatingand hot water 13-18 pdf
Roskovshenko U., Stepanov M., Shtilenko V., Shtilenko V. Analysis of dynamics of processes at automatic control of the heated devices 19-24 pdf
Spodiniuk N. Ways of providing of the necessary thermal mode in the apartments of poultry houses 25-28 pdf
Stepanov N. Roskovshenko Y., Didyk L. Heat transfer and hydraulic resistance of the heat exchanger with an elastic wall 29-34 pdf
Tkachenko V., Kondratiuk O. Systems of heating hangar-type hothouses 35-38 pdf
Malkin E., Timoshchenko А., Furtat I., Lunkovskyi D. Matematicheskoe design of isothermal flows of liquids in crack microchannels 39-44 pdf
Malkin E., Timoshchenko А., Nikolaenko Y., Furtat I., Efimenko S. Тhe еxperimental stand for research of teploobmennikov on the base of crack mikro ductings 45-49 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu., Stepanov N., Kim A., Radchenko A. Energysaving in greenhouses by using of low temperature thermal waters 50-56 pdf
Glamazdina A., Glamazdin P. Economic aspects of the use of boiler electrorooms 57-60 pdf
Moroz P. Schemes of solar systems for the supply of buildings using a gas water heater and a heat pump 61-65 pdf
Redko А. Thermodynamics analysis of cycles of the cascade teplonasosnoy setting 66-70 pdf
Timinskyi O. The Informative protecting of the administrative and technological systems from external negative influences in a suchanosmu environment 71-75 pdf
Tuhai O., Lahutin G., Pokolenko V., Borisova N., Skakun V., Prikhodko D., Chuprina Yu. Scientific and analytical tools for developing a corporate strategy for investment and construction engineering companies, groups 76-81 pdf
Kylymnyk О. Analysis of phase transformations of the systems "fireproof clay is a slag a ferronickel" 82-87 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers 88-89 pdf
Our memory 90-93 pdf
Annotations 94-104 pdf
Content 105-106 pdf
Herz Ukraine. Pellet Boilers. Solar Collectors. Heat Pumps 107 pdf
Output data 108 pdf