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Issue 14, 2010

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Preface 3 pdf
Pokrovskii L., Semchuk G., Zembitskii P. Strategy of communal electroenergy of Ukraine on a period to 2030 year 5-24 pdf
Pidhornyi О., Ploskyi V., Serhiichuk О. Issues of the day of geometrical design in the tasks of energy-savings in building 25-31 pdf
Malkin E. Issues of the day of geometrical design in the tasks of energy-savings in building 32-35 pdf
Taradai А., Pokrovskii L., Redko А., Yaremenko М. Centralized each apartment heating with adjusting and commercial account of vacation of heat 36-42 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu., Senchuk М. Efficiency of the use of hard fuel in the modernized systems of heat supply 43-51 pdf
Fareniuk H. Scientific basis of regulatory supply of energy efficiency of building objects 52-60 pdf
Kaptsov І., Lobko О. Analysis of damaged of the hot-water systems and pipelines of hot water-supply of thermal networks 61-65 pdf
Gershkovich V. Features hydraulically steady adjusting 66-71 pdf
Zaitsev О., Borisenko К. Perspective directions and aspects of modernization of the aquatic systems of heating of dwellings buildings 72-78 pdf
Vozniak О., Yurkevych Yu., Zhelykh V. Analysis of economic effects during tcrmomodcrnizacii of buildings 79-89 pdf
Holyshev О., Mykhalkiv D. Increase of efficiency of the systems of heating of apartments of high-cube of public buildings 90-95 pdf
Furtat І., Melnik V., Serhiechko І. Optimization of structural decisions of main highway of aquatic thermal network 96-101 pdf
Korbut V., Ishchenko М. Features of distribution of gas, steam air torch combined pipe-tvpe cooling tower 102-111 pdf
Oleksiuk А., Dolhov М. Optimization of the hydraulic modes of operations of thermal networks 112-119 pdf
Stepanov М., Didyk L., Berehova P., Illina Т. Heat transfer iп cylindrical heat exchanger with an elastic heat exchanging wall 120-129 pdf
Zadoiannyi О., Yashchuk А. Financial viability of the use of sawdusts as a fuel for steam boiler-room of woodworking combine 130-133 pdf
Hlamazdin P., Tsykal К. Methods of preparation of water for the systems of heating 134-138 pdf
Moroz P., Dudnikov А., Stepanov М. Heating engineering tests of caldrons of small and middle power for the systems of heat supply of houses 139-146 pdf
Predun К, Rybachov S., Akhonina А. Тechnical-economic comparison of the systems of gas-supplying of settlements 147-150 pdf
Hlamazdin P., Hlamazdina А. A nightly accumulation of warmth is in the hot water systems 151-153 pdf
Marchuk P. Repair of gas pipelines using polyethylene pipes 154-158 pdf
Olekciuk А., Vasylev S. Modern heat-insulation materials of Ukraine are in the systems of warmly supply 159-163 pdf
Dzhalilov М., Yusubov А. About determination of terms of possibility of application of acidifying at preparation of podpitochnoy water of the heating system 164-168 pdf
Basyst D. System of heating with the combined chimneys of enhanceable warinlyhydraulics firmness 169-174 pdf
Moroz P., Stepanov М., Lastovrf V. Energyeffective of the system of warmlysupply of dwellings and public buildings 175-181 pdf
Deshko V., Shovkaliuk М., Zhosan О., Shovkaliuk Yu. Researches of influence of different factors on the cost of thermal energy 182-192 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers 193-194 pdf
Annotations 195-208 pdf
Content 209-210 pdf
Output data 211 pdf