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Issue 15, 2011

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Redko А., Kharlampidi D., Tarasova V. The Complex Approach to the design of ground sources heat exchanger of heat pump installation 3-13 pdf
Labai V. The dependence of cxcrgy losses in elements of refrigeration machines of air split-conditioners from final difference of temperature in evaporator and condenser 14-20 pdf
Moroz P. The modern to carry module caldron settings and modules of heating of condensation type in the systems of providing with a heat 21-26 pdf
Petrash V., Basyst D. The high-efficiency systems of heating of civil buildings with the intermediate placing of source of warmth 27-33 pdf
Polunin М., Petrash V. Reconstruction of the systems of centralized warmly to supplyon the basis of application of charts with thrcc-sedate thermal transformation of water on a hot water-supply 34-38 pdf
Redko А., Taradai А., Yaremenko М. Modes of supply of heat of buildings by the centralized system with decentralizing housings sources 39-45 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu., Senchuk М. Backuping of to supply warmly of settlements 46-50 pdf
Shakhnova V., Chernykh L., Lozan М., Onoprienko М. Electric thermally store systems of warmly to supplyof buildings 51-58 pdf
Deshko V., Shevchenko О., Shovkaliuk М., Kripak І. Usage of thermal condition simulation methods for energy audit of buildings 59-65 pdf
Golyshev A., Zadorozhnyi S., Gerasimchuk А. Reserves of use of warmth of industrial emissions for needs of municipal services of Krivbass 66-70 pdf
Stepova N., Kushka О., Kaluhin Yu. Modern methods of treatment of sediment of cleansing buildings of the systems of water to prepare and to take water 71-77 pdf
Hlamazdin D., Hlamazdin P. Influence of the temperature field is in heating of caldron on his ecological descriptions 78-81 pdf
Leontev H., Semeniuk І. Practical introduction of warmly pump technologies in the system of warmly to supply 82-88 pdf
Furtat I., Hubenko О. Receipt of biogas as a result nietanogenesisу 89-92 pdf
Redkо О., Buhai V., Redkо А. Design of the modes of supply of heat from hybrid fuei-geothermal the thermal station 93-97 pdf
Shirokov S., Begun V. Prospects of atomic energy of Ukraine 98-104 pdf
Vozniak О. Air distribution in pulsating mode 105-109 pdf
Stepanov М., Vakoliuk А., Esina М. Natural ventilation of houses with the use of dcflcktors 110-115 pdf
Roskovshenko Yu., Kozyreva К. Modern personal protection in the workplace 116-119 pdf
Herasymchuk О., Holyshev О., Zadorozhnii S. Question of stable work of air-exhausters of the systems of aspiration of ore mining and processing combines 120-127 pdf
Prominent scientists, teachers 128-131 pdf
Annotations 132-145 pdf
Content 146-147 pdf
Output data 148 pdf