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Issue 17, 2014

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Contents of the issue
Article name Pages   File
Title 1-2 pdf
O. Zadoyannyi. Exergetic criteria in assessing energy saving air-conditioning systems of buildings and structures 3-9 pdf
V. Dovhaliuk,V. Mileikovskyi, G. Klymenko. Analytical research of the air jet flowing out of a perforated surface 10-16 pdf
O. Gumen, V. Dovgaliuk, V. Mileikovskyi . The geometrical analysis of growing boundary layer between flows running in the same and opposite directions 17-25 pdf
V. Korbut, S. Rybachov. Improvement of air-jet device enclosures exposed surface of large baths 26-31 pdf
H. Kozak, V. Zhelyh . Using Thermosyphon heliocollector for mobility indoor air 32-38 pdf
Malkin E., Furtat І., Diachkov М., Obidnyk А. Research slotted tubular micro heat exchanger for separating low-grade heat 39-47 pdf
А. Redko, A. Сompan, V. Bugai. Simulation parameters heat recovery power installation 48-56 pdf
V. Dovgaluk, V. Shtylenko. Qualitative characteristics of the processes of automatic control of thermal conditions of heated space 57-62 pdf
E. Malkin, Ye. Kulinko. Perspectives and aspects of heating and cold supply systems that use surface layers of water as a thermal energy storage 63-70 pdf
E. Malkin, Y. Nikolaienko, I. Furtat, A. Timoshchenko, M. Diachkov. Methods of calculating the one and two tier micro-slotted heat exchangers 71-76 pdf
E. Malkin, І. Furtat, N. Kovalenko, A. Sepik. Influence of magnetic treatment on the specific heat of vaporization of water 77-83 pdf
O. Skliarenko, A. Romanov. Energy and environmental performance of modern small-sized gas boiler during operation 84-88 pdf
M. Senchuk. Mechanized solid fuel combustion in small boilers 89-93 pdf
Y. Yurkevich, N. Spodyniuk. Environmental aspects of using solid fuel in urban heating systems 94-100 pdf
E. Malkin, І. Furtat, N. Kovalenko, A. Ardashnikova. The Change of Specific Heat of Water under the Influence of the Magnetic Field 101-106 pdf
E. Malkin, O. Pogosov. Feasibility study of small steam turbines implementation in the system of heat and steam supply and industrial distribution of results for the typical pressure-regulating and cooling installations 107-111 pdf
B. Draganov, N. Chepurnaya, M. Kirichenko. Efficiency heating system cultivating plants using waste energy 112-114 pdf
O. Liubarets, A. Moskvitina. Technical and economic justification for the use of heatretaining materials for seasonal solar heating systems 115-119 pdf
E. Malkin, I. Furtat, N. Zhuravska, V. Usachov. Prospects of creating resource-saving technologies by the meaning of magnetic treatment of water and aqueous solutions 120-127 pdf
Malkin E., Zhelih V., Furdas Y. Determination of daily household biogas yields bioreactors 128-132 pdf
E. Malkin, O. Lysak. Storage materials in storage heaters: analysis and practice of use 133-144 pdf
Responsibility 145 pdf
Content 146-147 pdf
Output data 148 pdf