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Issue 18, 2015

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Contents of the issue
Article name Pages   File
Title 1-2 pdf
O. Zadoyanny, Y. Yevdokimenko Exergy flow diagram of moist air for air conditioning systems 3-15 pdf
V. Dzyubenko Determination ofthe velocity profile and pressure drop of laminarflow in diagonal ducts 16-21 pdf
M. Senchuk, M. Astafieva Modelling ofsolid fuel combustion in mine-layers furnaces 22-29 pdf
V. Chernokryluk, A. Redko, A. Taraday, V. Sirotenko, Y. Yesin Solid fuel boilers equipped with fire chambers using a "fluidized layer"" 30-37 pdf
V. Petrash, A. Polomannuy Calculating the efficiency of solar radiation energy usage in the heating systems based on the transformation of the integrated energy in typical low-temperature energy sources 38-44 pdf
J. Tsyutsyura, I. Furtat Environmental impact of thermalpower plants on woodwaste 45-53 pdf
S.Shapoval Mathematical modeling the work of helioroof 54-60 pdf
O. Liubarets, A. Moskvitina Analysis of the structures of seasonal storage tank for hot waterand heating in the cottage construction 61-69 pdf
E. Malkin, N. Zhuravska, N. Kovalenko A process of treatment of water is in the magnetic fields 70-74 pdf
N. Nikitenko, Y. Kolchik, N. Sorokovaya Method of numerical modeling of three-dimensional heat and mass transferfor different flow modes 75-84 pdf
V. Petrash, I. Tchernysheva, V. Makarov Experimental research recuperative - transformer system of cooling rotary furnace for industrial heating 85-90 pdf
J. Tsyutsyura, I. Furtat Thermal power plant on wood waste. The relevance of its use 91-100 pdf
O. Pona Analytical modeling of air flow on the work of helioroof with transparent cover 101-105 pdf
E. Malkin, O. Pogosov. Evaluation of secondary energy resources and the direction of energy efficiency increasing at the reconstruction of steam supply systems of industrial enterprises 106-112 pdf
Responsibility 113 pdf
Content 114-116 pdf
Output data 117 pdf