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Listed on the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine, the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science May 16, 2016, No. 515
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Issue 19, 2016

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
O. Zadoiannyi, Yu. Yevdokimenko Types of Exergy in air conditioning systems and their definition 3-15 pdf
V. Dovhaliuk, V. Mileikovskyi, A. Musaieva Analysis of hydrodynamic processes during a vortex passage through an exhaust opening 16-22 pdf
O.Gumen, V. Dovhaliuk, V. Mileikovsky Geometric and Kinematic Analysis of the Turbulence Intensity of Convex Wall Jets 22-31 pdf
E.Malkin, K. Gaba Heat exchange influence of modified coolant triethanolamine fatty acid esters 32-36 pdf
A.O. Redko, N.V. Kulikova, N.G. Lantsberg, O.F. Redko Simulation and optimization of heat-exchanger parameters by the methods of non-equilibrium thermodynamics 37-49 pdf
O.Gumen, V. Mileikovskyi, V. Dziubenko Analysis of velocity profile geometry of laminar flow in a digonal duct 50-54 pdf
M.P. Senchuk, K.O. Khovansky Heating of industrial rooms with varying thermal conditions 55-64 pdf
Kh.R. Kozak; V.M. Zhelikh Evaluation and Analysis of the Thermal Characteristics of the Heat Storage for Air Solar Systems 65-70 pdf
M. Hruhorchuk, I. Furtat, Y. Kamaev Temperature mode of the room with warm floor 71-75 pdf
M. Hruhorchuk, I. Furtat, Y. Kamaev Modeling of the temperature mode of the room with warm floor in SolidWorks 76-81 pdf
K. Predun, E. Shevchuk Improving the metering of natural gas of home subscribers 82-86 pdf
E. Malkin, N. Zhuravska Energy efficient system of heating with enhanceable ecological properties 87-93 pdf
V.M. Zhelikh, E.S. Malkin, Yu.V. Furdas, O.I. Dzerin, I.Ye. Sukholova,G.A. Nesterovich Influence of thermo-physical properties of biomass on methane formation in the household bioreactors 94-100 pdf
O. Liubarets, A. Moskvitina Comparison of constructions of heat accumulators with a solid heat storage material and combined heat storage material 101-111 pdf
V. Mileikovskyi, O. Shuvaieva Researches of solar heater for the passive solar energy systems 112-116 pdf
A. Taradai, S. Fomich, P. Glamazdin Possibilities for reducing the accident rate of centralized hot water supply networks by water deaeration 117-124 pdf
E. Malkin, K. Gaba Salt deposits destruction under the influence of surfactants and the magnetic field 125-130 pdf
V. Dovgaliuk, I. Kachan Probabilistic blockdiagram of process modeling dust cleaning gas in the Venturi scrubber 131-136 pdf
E. Dmitrochenkova The analysis of action of Coulomb and centrifugal forces on a mote in a cyclone with direct-flow elements 137-142 pdf
Зміст 143-144 pdf
Вихідні дані 145 pdf