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Listed on the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine, the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science May 16, 2016, No. 515
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Issue 21, 2017

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Contents of the issue
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Title 1-2 pdf
Information for the Authors 3 pdf
E. Malkin, N. Zhuravska Influence of Magnetic Field Characteristics During Water Treat-ment on the Parameters of Capillary-Porous and Colloidal Capil-lary-Porous Bodies 4-10 pdf
Senchuk M. P., Barkovskyi A. V. Simulation of solid-fuel hybrid combustion 11-17 pdf
V. O. Mileikovskyi, H. M. Klymenko, V. H. Dziubenko Efficient Organization of Air Exchange of Premises Using the Trombe-Michel Wall 18-26 pdf
V. Mileikovskyi, O. Shuvaeva-Nechiporuk Researches of Efficiency of Solar Heater Increased Efficiency for Passive Heating 27-36 pdf
T. Tkachenko, V. Mileykovskyi Study of Heat Transfer in Energy Efficient Green Roofing 37-48 pdf
G. Ratushniak, R. Stepankovskyi Experimental Research of Coefficient of Local Resistance for Improved Construction of Control Devices in Ventilation System 49-57 pdf
В. M. Fediai, D. V. Guzyk, O. V. Makarenko An Analytical Study of the Efficiency of the Natural General Ven-tilation of Cattle Building 58-68 pdf
I. Furtat, O. Kravchuk Investigation of Single-Phase Non-Isothermal Filtration in the Geothermal Circulation Systems 69-74 pdf
I. Furtat, O. Kravchuk Computer Modelling of Temperature Field of Thermal Water in Porous Reservoir 75-79 pdf
I. Furtat, O. Kravchuk Simulation of Single-Phase Non-Isothermal Filtration of Groundwater Circulation Systems 80-87 pdf
I. Furtat, O. Kravchuk Numerical Solution of Problems of Single-Phase Non-Isothermal Filtration 88-95 pdf
A. Redko, A. Pavlovskaia, A. Davidenko, I. Redko Decrease in Nitrogen Oxide Emissions From the Combustion of the Prepared Gas Mixture in the Swirl Burner 96-105 pdf
Content 106-107 pdf
Output data 108 pdf