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O. Liubarets, PhD, associate professor. Kiev National University of construction and architecture, Kiev, Ukraine,, ORCID: 0000-0003-1905-9283
К. Borisenko, PhD, associate professor. Odessa State Academy of civil engineering and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,
T. Domoshchey, Post-graduate student. Odessa State Academy of civil engineering and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,
O. Zaitsev, Sc.D, professor. Odessa State Academy of civil engineering and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,, ORCID:0000-0001-9084-9355

Hydrodynamic Features of the Vortex Furnace for Two-Circuit Hot-Water Boilers

Abstract. As a result of theoretical studies of the velocity and temperature fields in the combustion of gas in a vortex tube, a range of possible use of the Rank effect was revealed. The construction of a vortex prefix, a method for controlling heating in two-circuit boilers of low power, depending on the required loading, is consumed for heating and hot water supply. As a result of researches at different rates of entry of the gas mixture and temperatures, it was discovered that the zone with the highest temperature is located in the lower part of the vortex chamber (in the part of the coaxial lead) and occupies a volume of 20...35 % of the total volume of the chamber, and the lower temperature zone is located in the part axial discharge of combustion products. At the same time, these zones are characterized by a virtually even distribution in these parts of the furnace, which allows you to regulate removals from the furnace with the way of flow redistribution between heating and hot water supply. As the outside temperature increases, the efficiency of the boiler increases compared to the base version and reaches 22 % in terms of the average heating temperature for Odessa.

Key words: vortex tube, heat consumption, aerodynamics of the furnace, water-heating boiler

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