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V. P. Korbut, Sc.D, professor. National University of Construction and Architecture, City Kiev, Ukraine,, ORCID: 0000-0002-0831-2477
S. G. Rybachov, assistant Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine,

Investigation of Two-Level Air-Jet Fencing of Open Surface of Large-Sized Industrial Baths

Abstract. In ventilation practice, air-jet fences are widely used, which are used to separate a zone with favourable parameters from a zone with less favourable air parameters. Most often, air-jet fences are used in industrial premises. An air flat jet separates the source of harmful emissions from the air in the room, and conveys the hazards that get into the air stream to the point of their capture. According to this principle, there are many different types of activated local suction. Numerical methods of CFD modelling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) have now become widespread for solving the problems of aerodynamics of ventilation, in particular, for the calculation of jet flows and flows around drains. The aim is to determine the basic quantitative relationships for the air-jet fencing device above the liquid mirror operating in the limit-capture mode, using the CFD simulation method. We consider a volumetric problem of the interaction of supply jets from narrow slot holes in the direction opposite to each other and the drain slots under the inlet ones. The calculated flow area is limited by the surface of the water mirror in the bath, the sides of the bath and the conditional boundaries above the bath. The standard k-ε model of turbulence was used. It was assumed that the supply jets and vortices at the corners of the solid walls generate turbulence. The external flows of the flowing air to the jets do not take part in the turbulence generation. Fields of distribution of temperature and velocity of air streams for shielding the bath mirror are obtained. The ratio of supply air and air, which is sucked away, for the most efficient collection of harmful substances, is also specified.

Key words: board suction, two-level suction, concentration distribution, temperature distribution, computer simulation

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