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V. Petrash, Sc.D,, professor, Odessa state academy of building and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,, ORCID: 0000-0002-0413-233X
Y. Polunin, PhD., senior lecturer, Odessa state academy of building and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,, ORCID: 0000-0002-0752-5550
E. Heraskina, PhD., associate professor, Odessa state academy of building and architecture, Odessa, Ukraine,

The Heat Flux оf The Condenser іn the Improved System of Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery

Abstract. The authors show the need to improve the proposed earlier basic version of the system of the heat utilization from the exhaust gases of rotary ovens in the direction of more rational use of the available temperature potential of gases in the process of water heating with a decreasing the power of the heat pump component. The improved version of the heat extraction system works in a similar way to the previously developed basic system. After the traditional dust cleaning, the exhaust gases from the rotary oven are fed into the fine filter and then sent to the recuperative heat exchanger for preliminary cooling. Gases consistently pass the first and second contact chamber for deeper cooling. The peculiarity of heat and mass exchange processes is that in the first section of preliminary cooling the process of contact interaction of the flows passes at a higher water temperature after the corresponding heat exchanger. In the second chamber takes place a deeper pre-cooling of the vapor-gas mixture. Here, the water from the pallet enters the condenser of the heat pump unit, and then with the undivided stream leads into the heat exchanger for heating in the process of preliminary cooling of the original exhaust gases. At the same time, the component of traditional recuperative heat extraction increases with simultaneous increase in the degree of purification of exhaust gases in the system. Regeneration of water in the pallet of the contact chamber is realized by a similar principle of increasing its flow rate at the initial heat-technological cycle of the production process, as in the basic scheme. As a result, the multifactor dependence of the heat flux in the condenser is analytically established for the advanced system, taking into account the initial and regime parameters of the structural subsystems, which is the basis for determining the technical, economic, environmental indicators and energy efficiency of the entire system.

Key words: heat supply, exhaust gases, firing kilns of building materials, heat pumps, condenser

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