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Listed on the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine, the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science May 16, 2016, No. 515
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Issue 30, 2019

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Contents of the issue
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Information for the Authors 5 pdf
Yu. V. Chovniuk, V. B. Dovhaliuk, V. T. Kravchuk A Method for the Analysis of Isotherms, Surface Fractal Dimension and Dynamic Chaos of Moisture Exchange in Colloidal Capillary-Porous Museum Exhibits at Changeable Microclimate Conditions 6-19 pdf
K. M. Predun, Y. Y. Franchuk, O. I. Obodianska Model оf Multifactorial Assessment оf Natural Gas Quality 20-28 pdf
P. Kapalo, O. T. Vozniak, M. Adamski, O. Dovbush Effect of Candles Burning on Ventilation of Premises 29-33 pdf
L. Koval Design Specificity of Direct Light LED Fixtures 34-42 pdf
D. V. Guzyk, O.B. Borshch, A.V. Rybalka Experimental Studies оf Drying Processes of Medicinal Herbs 43-50 pdf
N. A. Spodyniuk, L. P. Horbachenko Application оf Geothermal Ventilation for Heat Supply оf Poultry Premises 51-55 pdf
To the 70th anniversary of the Heat Gas Supply and Ventilation Department 56-75 pdf
Output data 76 pdf